Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Angry Fat Girls

I am inspired to start this blog after beginning to read the book Angry Fat Girls by Frances Kuffel.  I have just begun, but it is a book that resulted because of her weight loss of 188 lbs. and subsequent regain of 100 lbs.  I'm not going to give you the full synopsis of the book but lets just say it served as my catalyst for this blog.

I am going to use this blog to document, journal, vent, etc. about my life as I go about it and my struggle with my weight.  So, here is a basic introduction of myself to start us off...knowing that more will be revealed as my journey continues.

I am 29 yrs old and a stay at home mother of 2...Wyatt 6, and Anna almost 4.  I live on a farm with my children, husband Charlie, miniature schnauzer Hunter, and various cattle.  I have struggled with weight pretty much since puberty.  It is something I think of most of my waking hours and many times a reason why I can't fall asleep at night.

My stats:
5ft, 7in. tall
current weight: 184 lbs., size 14 barely fitting into them
Lowest weight as an adult: 130ish, age 18, size 7 with no muffin top!!!
Highest weight: 197, age 28, size 16 barely fitting into them
pounds I'd like to lose: 40

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